Spinal Alignment – Basic concept
Dr Cécile Roscop

Vertebrectomy for primary tumors – technique
Pr Olivier Gille

Anatomic basis for iliac screw insertion
Dr Louis Boissière

Lumbar canal decompression and instrumentation : indications and techniques
Dr Paul Mathio

Anterior cervical surgery
Pr Jean-Marc Vital

Posterior cervical surgery in degenerative disease (C3 to C7)
Pr Jean-Marc Vital

Kyphoplasty : indications and technics
Dr Simon Mazas

Spinal deformity in older adults, how to manage sagittal and coronal mal-alignment : tips and tricks
Dr Ibrahim Obeid

Anterior and lateral approach of the spine : indications and techniques for lumbar spine pathologies
Dr Soufiane Ghailane

vidéo en attente
Dr Louis Boissiere